Covid-19 Safety


If ANYONE is sick at home, or has a fever please keep your gymnast home.

 Before you leave your house

1.please take your child’s temperature (over 100• will not be allowed in the gym)

2. have them go to the bathroom (kids will have access to the bathrooms but we would like to limit the visits) 

3. please come to gym dressed and hair already up.

4.bring a  small backpack please wear flip-flops or slip on shoes

5. Make sure you bring a  water bottle Please make sure its WATER ONLY as it will be in the gym with them. Please NO juice or sports drinks

the water fountain at the gym is closed 


1.Parents should pull up out front, and wait until your child’s Temperature is taken. If it is 100 or over they will not be allowed in the building. Under 100 will head into practice.

2. Once cleared to go into gym (with face mask) kids  will put their belongings in their gym bag in including shoes, bring them to the designated area , they must hand sanitize  and then they all sent to their assigned spot to begin warm up with their coach .

* Kids (Over 2) must wear a mask into and out of the gym they will not be wearing masks at practice because it is unsafe for them while doing gymnastics *Coaches will be wearing mask when they are within 6 feet of your kids

Special Notes: 

PARENT & TOT CLASSES: Parents MUST also have temp checks and MUST wear mask the entire time in gym.


* We will be dong our best to keep 6 feet distance between everyone.

*We are asking parents to remind their kids if that before practice, we know they want to hug everyone (we do too) but for now we are asking for “air high 5’s” 

* we have spaced and marked events so the girls should be able to see and understand the 6 feet

* before and after every event girls will have to hand sanitize


kids will be brought outside by their coaches- please stand outside your car to make it easier 


At this point the waiting room is closed. We need to keep the numbers in the building as low as we can. 

if for some reason you need to come in you MUST wear a mask

Parents of Kids under 5: We are allowing you in the waiting room if needed. You MUST pass a temp check and wear a mask the enitire time in the building. We can only have 1 family member in the waiting room. We are looking into online options for you to watch practice. More info will be out at a later time.



water bottle 

Please understand these protocols can change at anytime based on CDC guidelines

checking in
cleaning between groups